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Portrait of David and Victor, a pair of sophisticated urban gays in the their chic living room in Brooklyn.
Portrait of the artist, Jason O'Malley with his partner and pooches.
Charmaine grew up on Guam, so I gave her a tropical flavored portrait as a wedding gift.
I also do house portraits (this is mine).
These clients asked for a chic Miami Beach themed portrait.
I can take your portrait art and have them printed as holiday cards or note cards.
This is me and my dog Tino.
My client's partner commissioned this portrait as his birthday gift. He sent me photos of Scott, his horse, cat, and dog and this was the result.
This portrait combines the personalities of this "opposites attract" couple: Colette is the city gal and Tom is the country bumpkin.
Here's the holiday version of Mark and Craig's portrait. The cards were custom printed by Handsome Devil Press.
This fun portrait of Joe and his pooches sledding was also used for his Christmas cards printed by Handsome Devil Press.
My clients wanted a portrait of them with their pooches set in their chic living room with the NYC skyline in the background.
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