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This is the first time I had the opportunity to both illustrate and design an entire book. The concept is loosely based on a yearbook with the sections divided into freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior year. My goal was to make the entire book look and feel like their brand from start to finish and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. The beautiful photos are by http://donnytsang.com.
In keeping with the yearbook theme, the authors had a bunch of their celebrity pals send in handwritten messages that I put on the end pages.
I like the juxtaposition of their signature Salty Pimp on the left with the cone logo on the right.
Shooting the portraits of their fans against that 80s laser beam background was a stroke of genius. Photos by http://donnytsang.com
I had our photographer shoot loose leaf paper in a binder with a cassette and I added the doodles digitally. Detail of the Christmas in July playlist. Santa's red nipples really pop off the page!
I had our photographer shoot loose leaf paper in a binder with a cassette and I added the doodles digitally. Detail of the Fairy Princess playlist.
This is my favorite picture in the entire book. I tried so hard to make this the final full spread of the book, but it's frowned upon in the cookbook world to make such a gross picture that large. BOO.
A gorgeous photo by Donny Tsang of a rainbow of floats.
I had our photographer shoot a classic folder with a cassette and I added the doodles digitally. This doodle features an array of punk dairy cows. "The Cone Is Dead" is a nod to my favorite Smiths album.
Nothing says "yummy and wholesome" better than a surly cigarette smoking drag queen sitting in a sundae glass. I like the Keith Haring-esque squiggles radiating off of that cone, too.
This was a fun spread. I like how the rainbow goes across the entire spread. I hand lettered the captions throughout the book.
In keeping with the yearbook theme, I created a bunch of faux ugly-on-purpose two color ads for the end papers at the back of the book. Ottavia is Anthony Bourdain's wife, Peter Jarema Funeral Home is actually next door to the East Village shop, and Eyebrows by Debi is honoring their pal Debi Mazar. Not only does she possess exquisite eyebrows, but she is Madonna's dear friend which virtually makes me Madonna's dear friend, too. Six degrees.
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