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It all started with this simple cone logo I designed for Big Gay Ice Cream when it was a single truck. Now it's grown into multiple bricks and mortar shops (NYC, LA, and Philly), products, and a book.
Here's a link to a more in-depth look at the book and my design process: http://www.jasonomalley.com/gallery.html?folio=Portfolio&gallery=Big%20Gay%20Ice%20Cream%20Book
Truck logo for Big Gay Ice Cream
Big Gay Ice Cream coffee logo
The Big Gay Ice Cream Tranny Smackdown Sundae logo. Nothing says, "buy our ice cream" more than a chain smoking drag queen in a sundae glass, right?
Big Gay Ice Cream "Sugar Rush" promotion.
Big Gay Ice Cream glowing hand drawn version of the logo for a t-shirt.
It all started with a poster of the cone displayed on a generic Mr. Softee truck.
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